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Automating sparkweb

Question asked by vizion on Feb 25, 2013

I am running sparkweb within a wordpress site running on apache22 and and mysql. The sparkweb code is loaded in  a subdirectory and accessed via links in the main website. All this works very nicely but I want to take a step forward.


I have had some very useful suggestions about integrating openfire with wordpress but there are some disadvantages to the method. I am now wondering about an alternative approach namely automating via making links to sparkweb from a page and passing the necessary login data. In theory this should be less complicated and leave existing code pretty much unmodified which would help when upgrades are required.


1, I want to be able to pass username, server and password to the sparkweb login page. The required data will be available from a mysql database which is available to the apache server.


2. In a similar way  to automate the selection of a tab e.g. conferences, the loading of a room list for a domain eg conference.server.domain.tld, and the selction of a particular room e.g workgroup chat room using data available from a mysql database


3. Automate the login to a service that required a password e.g (the group chat requires a password) again using data available held in a mysql database.


Now I am a rookie as far as java coding is concerned so if anyone would be able to tell me which files to amend and even go as far as giving me some coding examples I would be really grateful.


Many thanks in advance for any help