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Synthetica LnF

Question asked by SnakeDoc on Feb 21, 2013
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Just a question to anyone who remembers... why the move away from Synthetica LnF to Substance? I can see in the code where Synthetica was replaced and it appears to have been over a licencing issue of some kind. Does anyone remember the specifics?


I really like what Synthetica has to offer, especially over JTattoo (I like Substance more than JTattoo right now, but the Substance we use does not appear to be maintained anymore - version 6.1).


From the Synthetica website, it looks like opensource projects can use it royalty free, the question comes in since Spark and Openfire are repackaged into some commercial applications, would they be forced to disable/remove it before packaging? What an inconvinience if so...