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Sparkweb, Openfire on Port 443 through Firewall

Question asked by rufux on Dec 14, 2012

First of all... sorry for my english.


I'd like to start an im project for our firm.


So I made an Openfire Server. Everything works fine with PC, Linux and OSX Clients. Also android and IPhone works.


At our customers we often have no chance to get through Firewall with our Jabber-Clients. So first of all, i'd like to tunnel ports through 443. That doesn't work.


After all I tested some Webclients. Sparkweb looks very nice and works fine at home or at our own "firmnet"

But If I'm at a customer with I firewall I have no chance to came through these firewall.



Does anybody has any idea how it could work.


on client we connect with 5222 or 5223 with SSL


and HTTP-Binding I've tryed 443. But that also doesn't work.


All the time I get the message: "Not authorized. Please try again"