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JFrame in spark

Question asked by jpsiyu on Nov 16, 2012

Now i meet a problem and request for help!


In the source code of spark, a JFrame has a blue decorate! I meant the JFrame-header color is blue!


And i want to change the color of the JFrame's header into


Some people said the JFrame's decorate is rely on the operating system, it means, a JFrame's header is blue  in XP, and vifrification in win7?


And i found an interesting thing: In my win7 operating system, i new a JFrame and it's header is vifrification. When i new a JFrame in the which is one of the source codes, it just comes a blue header, like the guys did in XP operating system!


So, I guess, we can change the JFrame's header and make it vifrification!


Anyone can help?