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Asterisk-IM No notifications, no popup window,no on the phone

Question asked by dkudev on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by abuseif

I have installed Asterisk-IM and added phone mappings.Also I have connected Asterisk with Openfire as you can see on the attachments, but    There is no notifications at all are sent to spark clients.  


When I try to call to somebody, I get status "on the phone" for few seconds and after that my status is again "online" but I didnt hang up yet.



Also Notifications for incomings calls dont work, there is no popup window at all.


Do you have any idea how can i fix that?



The main features of Asterisk-IM include:

- Notification of incoming calls through Spark

- Originating calls through Spark

- Presence integration (when you are in a call your IM status is set to "on the phone")