Packet filter fullJID check + destJID bugfix + MUC private message tip

Discussion created by amishmm on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by javi7

I have attached small patch which fixes one bug and adds a fullJID (which includes resource) check support.


Bug fix detail:

There is a copy-paste error in code where code for checking destJID wrongly checks soureJID. (which was most likely copy-paste from sourceJID code)


The patch fixes it.


Feature detail:

A small 4 line code adds support for checking fullJID including resource. (checks for presence of "/" in rule JID)


This allows blocking/allowing message by resource or by MUC private messages by nickname.


for e.g if I wanted to block MUC private message to users of room except moderator. then using this feature I can do this as follows:


Lets say roomname is research

Room service name is

moderator id/nick is admin

Domain name is


1st rule would be to PASS any message from JID "*" to any

so that room itself can send message of any type to anyone


2nd rule would be to PASS any message from user "" to any

so that moderator can reply back (or do anything)


3rd rule would be to PASS any message from "any" to user ""

so that anyone is allowed to send msg to admin by his real JID


4th rule would be to PASS MUC private messages from "any"  to JID

so that anyone is allowed to send pvt msg to room moderator by his room based JID

(This rule uses this new feature/patch)



5th rule would be to DROP MUC private message from "any" to "any"



This allows anyone to send private msg to admin/moderator but not to other users.


Hope it helps