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how to import spark 2.6.3 source on eclipse

Question asked by battseren on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by battseren

Dear friends


I want to develop my company branded spark desktop project.

So i am wondering how shoul i import my downloaded trunk source in eclipce.


I tried to create new project and import from source from my trunk but not work.


Or should i install another libraries for develop spark??


Could you give me clear step by step guide for first time developing setup.


installation libraries

import source


after that prepare installation using ant /i used installer.izpack but when i use .advinst and .izpack.exe i can't setup/


what advanced installer version need for me?


about branding for my company i found very clear some post. branding is no problem.


i want to develop source code this is my problem.


and what eclipse version should is use. what jdk should i install?


please help to me.