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Merged monitoring/open archive plugins

Discussion created by Leon Roy Champion on Sep 4, 2012
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Latest plugin attached below: Version 1.3.1-rc1


By merging the open archive plugin with the openfire monitoring plugin we've created a new monitoring plugin which has chat and group chat archiving (from monitoring) as well as XEP-0136 Message Archiving support (from open archive).


The base plugin is the Openfire Monitoring plugin.


Only issue is that the archive plugin is GPL2 licensed and the monitoring plugin is Apache licensed (right?). Best I can tell the two licenses combine fine:



We use the plugin internally but I'm happy to share the source (took some work integrating the two) if anyone wants it.






Work and a new baby got in the way of my best intentions, but despite being a little late we're happy to let everyone know that the updated Monitoring plugin is in Openfire trunk.


We wanted to originally add the plugin as a separate Maven project since the Openfire Ant build is a touch archaic (but functional! ) However due to the way the Maven-Openfire Plugin works and an issue in DWR 1.1.3 (it does not resolve classes outside its own lib folder) we had to put the new Monitoring plugin src in the Openfire trunk and compile it the Ant way.


The upshot of this is that all the graphing and statistics pages work just fine.


A change to the database schema of the Monitoring plugin was made to support the XEP-0136 spec. We've tried our very best to handle the database upgrade for all the supported DBs as best as possible.





Any bugs please contact me or ideally file in JIRA (I believe you can file them against leonroy).




Following confirmation from Stefan Reuter and Ignite I can confirm that the new merged plugin is indeed under the Apache license.




Monitoring plugin 1.3.1-rc1 closing the below bugs:

  • OF-646 - Reverts XmppDateTimeFormat integration which broke querying via XEP-0136.
  • OF-664 - Monitoring archive shows null in room chat logs.
  • OF-667 - Monitoring plugin bad SQL for upgrade


Some of the plugins broke compatibility with Openfire 3.6 and 3.7. The new version of the plugin is now compatible with Openfire 3.6 and 3.7.


http://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-611 Is still pending, I know some of you who upgraded to 1.3.0 have missing messages but fear not there is no data loss. It's still in there.


Once I have time I'll release 1.3.2 which will safely restore those messages.