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SparkWeb connects to OpenFire via http through port 7070 only.

Question asked by Max1 on Aug 13, 2012

Socket connection through the ports 5222 and 5223 and through https through the port 7443, as specified in the file SparkWeb.html, do not work - there is no user login. SparkWeb and OpenFire operate with openSUSE Linux 11.3. SparkWeb page generation is going through Apache 2.2.15 through https. Connection through jabber protocol is encrypted and is going through the port 5223. There are no problems with the Spark client with encrypted connection. To establish a connection to the server through SparkWeb, I need to open the ports 7070, 5223 and 443 on the server. Is it encrypted and secure connection, if SparkWeb is connected to OpenFire via unencrypted http, and encrypted connections are only through ports 5223 and 443? If I open the SparkWeb page and make user login via SparkWeb, Opera warns about switching to an unencrypted connection, user search in SparkWeb is not working, the other browsers establish a connection. Why the link between SparkWeb and OpenFire works through the port 7070 only? In addition, if the connection through jabber protocol is encrypted ин SSL/TLS, SparkWeb refuses to create a new account, even if all the ports are open on the server.