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Releasing XIFF 3.1.0

Discussion created by Juga Paazmaya Champion on Aug 5, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by Daryl Herzmann

Hello everyone,


I have been busy working on XIFF recently and planning to make a new release.

The current release was made soon two years ago and in order to honour that date, I plan to make the release available in 22nd of this month.


I am still in the middle of testing everything that the new features are working as well as any existing is still working.

However I would like to ask someone, notably the people who have done the releases before, namely Mark Walters and Armando Jagucki, to help me in making the release.


I do not have the rights to publish anything the download area nor write a blog post about the release...

Also I would like some other pair of eyes to take a look on the code, as unfortunetly I have not received much feedback of the recent changes.