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Change in i18n files doesn't take effect

Question asked by pauldinhqd on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by pauldinhqd

I want to build a language file for my language. So I opened 'Program Files/Spark/lib/spark.jar' and edited 1 of the file inside, I edited '', one of existing files coz I know adding a new language won't work.


However, after editing this i18n file, run native2ascii to convert it to ascii, save it back, and restart Spark, but when switching to Deutsch, the new language content just doesn't appear. The whole UI is still in Deutsch!


I guess Spark is saving language files somewhere else? Coz when even I delete all the i18n files in spark.jar, I still have all the languages available in main menu of Spark. Is it true?


I also tried to find in 'Documents and Settings/Paul/Application Data', but no language file is there.