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Asterisk IM Not Working

Question asked by vijay.singh on May 26, 2012
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I have installed Openfire 3.7.1 with Subscription 1.2.2, Registration 1.5.0, Presence Service 1.5.0, Redfire & Asterisk-IM 1.4.0 plugin on Windows 2008 R2 64 bit. I am using mysql as database for openfire. I am using Spark 2.6.3 client. Users are able to chat, make video calls thru Redfire plugin. I have installed Asterisk In openfire asterisk server is showing registered (green button) in Asterisk-IM pulgin configuration page. I have mapped sip account with users. Now problem is that SIP accounts are not showing resitered in Asterisk and users are not able to make calls thru phone menu/button from spark client. I am able to make calls if I directly register sip client like xlite on asterisk server. I am getting following log in Asterisk  when I try make call from Spark client:-


[May 26 14:38:35] NOTICE[5664]: channel.c:5346 __ast_request_and_dial: Unable to request channel SIP/1001


I am getting following debug logs in Spark client :-


<iq id="eaGwA-37" to="phone.dataserver" type="get">

  <query xmlns="" node="amit.kumar"/>



<iq id="eaGwA-37" to="vijay.singh@dataserver/Spark 2.6.3" from="phone.dataserver" type="result">

  <query xmlns="" node="amit.kumar">

    <identity category="directory" name="phone" type="phone"/>

    <feature var=""/>

    <feature var=""/>




<iq id="eaGwA-38" to="phone.dataserver" from="vijay.singh@dataserver/Spark 2.6.3" type="set">

  <phone-action xmlns="" type="DIAL">





<iq id="eaGwA-38" to="vijay.singh@dataserver/Spark 2.6.3" from="phone.dataserver" type="error">

  <error code="500" type="CANCEL">

    <undefined-condition xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/>

    <text xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas" xml:lang="en">Unable to dial extention 1002: Channel 'SIP/1001' is not available</text>




My sip.conf & extenstions.conf are as following :-




user = 1001
type = friend
secret = 1001
host = dynamic
callerid = 1001
context = default
mailbox = 1001@default

user = 1002
type = friend
secret = 1002
host = dynamic
callerid = 1002
context = default
mailbox = 1002@default




exten => 1001,1,Dial(SIP/1001,30)
exten => 1001,2,VoiceMail(1001@default)
exten => 1001,3,PlayBack(vm-goodbye)
exten => 1001,4,HangUp()

exten => 1002,1,Dial(SIP/1002,30)
exten => 1002,2,VoiceMail(1002@default)
exten => 1002,3,PlayBack(vm-goodbye)
exten => 1002,4,HangUp()

Kindly help.