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Problem with Direct Call by Spark

Question asked by Raiden_2 on May 23, 2012

Hi guys, i'm new of this Forum.


Actually i currently use Asterisk with many sip extensions with Sip Phones and SoftPhones.


I installed OpenFire and Asterisk-IM, it's connected with asterisk and i'm able to send sms by Spark user to user.


I've this problem, when i try to make a call, i recive a call to my internal number by my internal number, after answer the call is redirected to the internal.. i would be able to make direct call from Spark how can i do?!


i'm able to see status of account, on.line , on phone etc.. but if i check the sip internal status on Asterisk Gui Manager it's offline.. (in this case i need spark and some other softphone or Sip Phone - i don't want it )


Thank you so much..





From my Asterisk loog


[May 24 18:28:39] NOTICE[11677]: channel.c:5346 __ast_request_and_dial: Unable to request channel SIP/201


This means that the command to asterisk is Request Call to Internal and then Dial to Other Number.. i would direct dial and direct call from Spark ..