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Make automatic scrolling to bottom of chat configurable?

Question asked by asymptote on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by asymptote

I'd like to make the functionality that makes chat windows scroll to the bottom on new messages configurable.


I've already hacked the latest Spark code from the SVN trunk in order to permanently disable this; my patch for doing so is here:


This solution is unacceptable, as it's just a hack. My proposal is to:


  • Create a new option in the multiuser chat preferences that allows one to toggle this behaviour on a per-chat basis. I'm not keen for this to be a global option across all chats.
  • Create tests that confirm that this works, although I don't know how yet.
  • Submit the patch, although I don't know how yet.


How does my proposable sound? This would be a very valuable feature for me, and also I'm keen to give back to this project because I've used Openfire / Smack / Spark with fantastic success over the past week and would like to show my gratitude.