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double roster contacts when users going offline and online

Question asked by bszymik on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by Scott Rochford


I found a bug with roster contacts duplicating entries when users chenge their status from offline to online (Offline Users group must be invisible)


To replicate this bug:


1. Create roster contact (ContactA) which belongs to some group

2. Login to spark on your user (UserA)  set your settings in Contacts menu to:

     Show empty group - Checked

     Group offline users - Unchecked

     Show offline users - Checked

3. Login with some Client to ContactA and start changing your status from offline to online few times

4. On Spark logged to UserA now you will see that ContactA is duplicated - One is online, but there are few ContactA offline contacts in group


This bug i found in latest version from trunk


I attached my patch resolving this bug


it may be connected with BUG