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How to get OpenFire working with Bria for iPhone

Question asked by Steel_sztjscReign on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by Steel_sztjscReign

So I have configure eveything in the Asterisk IM plugin and everything works perfectly. EXCEPT!!! being able to send text messges from the Bria for iPhone app. I can sednt test with spark or any other XMPP compatible clent, but when I try to authenticate it fails says


"Authentication Error (7) Account: User Name"


I have also downloaded Monal which is a free multi protocol chat client for iPhone and that connects and works fine, from all my work with installind Asterisk and testing different clients with asterisk I have noticed that some say "username' but it really wants the extension and vice versa.


I have attached a screenshot of my current settings. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Steel Reign