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Asterisk-IM to Asterisk: remote users stuck On The Phone

Question asked by urkozamanje on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by Kevin Hawkins

HI all,


I know i've been asking a lot of questions lately..


But still, i have a problem that drives me crazy. The thing is, i have openfire with asterisk-im. and in asterisk-im i have added four asterisk server connections (ami port - 5038). two of these asterisk servers are within the same LAN as openfire/asterisk-im. and other two asterisk servers are in remote locations connected through VPN.


Now, everything is working, phone mappings, calls, etc..


But i have problem with presence and On The Phone status. Actually, everything is working fine with the two asterisk servers that are in the same LAN as openfire server.

But the other two, that are connecting through VPN to my oipenfire server are having problems - a user (from one the remote asterisk servers) that initiates a call goes On The Phone and stays stuck in this status forever. It goes again to Online only after asterisk-im has been restarted.


Now, can someone please provide a hint where i should search for a solution? is it some problem with NATing? i have all ports opened on these routes.. and still, i'm having the same problem.


How asterisk sends information about presence changes to Openfire? is it via AMI port (5038)?? if it is using the same port, how come it si able to send messages to initate a call and initiate On The Phone presence, but not able to send the signal that user has hang-up? or is it using some other port for the hang-up messages?


Also, i am even willing to forget abt On The Phone presence, if someone can tell me where in MysSQL db is that flag stored, and ill make a mysql script that shall set it to online every minute or so.. just to avoid all my remote users staying On The Phone 99% of time.



Thanks in advance!!!!