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Spark installation file Spark.exe launch4j issue

Question asked by JPS on Jan 17, 2012

Hi All,


Please refer

I have followed above document and I am able to create spark-installer.jar.

I want to create Spark.exe and distribute to around 300 people as installation file.


I have some issues with Launch4j

There are two configuration files with different jar files:

target/build/lib/startup.jar (launch4j.tmpl)
spark-installer.jar ( in build.xml)


Now my question is which jar file has to be wrapped in exe is it startup.jar or spark-installer.jar


The has spark-installer.jar as input file for Launch4j.

I have tried both file names in launch4j.xml

I am getting following error:

[launch4j] The system cannot find the path specified

net.sf.launch4j.BuilderException: The system 
cannot find th
e path specified


Please some one help with xml files for making Spark.exe and starter.exe with help of Launch4j


Thanks & Regards