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Sparkweb login problems in SSO environment

Question asked by joma on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by joma


we are running Spark 2.63 / Openfire 3.7 with Single Sign On over GSSAPI (Active Directory). Everything works perfect.


Now we want to implement Sparkweb for some users (It´s not necessary to run Sparkweb with SSO).


We cannot bind  Sparkweb to http or https. The socket connection over 5222 works fine but when we switch to http or https the client couldn´t log in.

It seems that the problem is the SSO configuration on the OF server. When we delete the GSSAPI option

sasl.mechs        GSSAPI

the Sparweb binded to http works perfect.


We can reproduce this on a test server. As soon as we are installing SSO on the OF server and  the SASL.mechs entry is configured, the http binding of Sparkweb doesn´t work anymore regardless of wether Sparkweb runs over IIS or as a openfire plugin.