Jingle plugin bugs/problems

Discussion created by Dragon on Oct 29, 2011
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Updating Openfire to 3.7.1 I ran again into a problem I had the last time updating to 3.7.0 and this is the Jingle plugin. Personally I'd love to have Voice-Chat on my Openfire based Jabber server but I had to disable back then the Jingle plugin due to various problems. With the update the Jingle plugin had been automatically enabled again and I ran into the same problems. Maybe somebody can take a stab at this plugin and fix it up so in the future it doesn't break openfire and make Voice-Char work.


So here is what breaks:



As soon as the Jingle plugin 0.0.3 is installed in the Openfire admin console zan entriy like admin.jn appears (no correct tab name, why?). Using this tab a bunch of options exist which are though all garbled in the form "??jn.something??" or alike. They do not seem to do anything but that's another point.



The error logs are swamped with translation errors. As long as the Jingle plugin is installed on Openfire the error log fills up with a rate of over 1k/s. When I discovered this the last time the log file had been nearing 1GB in size (ouch) before I emergency pulled the plug and killed the process. That's the most important problem to fix as it can seriously impact a system in the long run (sort of like a memory leak, just a log-leak).



The plugin itself doesn't seem to work. In the admin console panel mentioned above a garbled warning about public IP is displayed (again with ?? all over the place). This is definitely wrong since my server has a public IP (which is found... at last the public IP shows between ?? bits) and I set the port forwarding as mentioned in the documentation. Nevertheless nothing seems to work.


It would be nice if (1) the plugin could be fixed to run correctly with Openfire especially since it is automatically enabled upon installing/updating Openfire (and thus I assume it's a core plugin?). Furthermore it would help to ammend the documentation to contain information about why the plugin incorrectly moans about the public IP or in general information about how to setup the Jingle plugin correctly.