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Someone's opinion for my Chat project ?

Question asked by vincent_phong on Oct 17, 2011
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Could someone give me his opinion ? I am into a big dilema.


I am used to do front end developement (HTML/CSS, Jquery) but this time I have to make a Java stand alone application.

I am not a Java expert so.. I would need to find an easy way to make this project. It is a Chat with a very sophisticated design. It needs the basic features of a chat (nice login dialog, historic of the conv, presence etc ...). It also needs to integrate audio call and video conference.


I will use openfire as a xmpp server (which is great). And my first idea was to make a Spark IM plugin that will redesign the whole chat (which has to be graphicaly completly different to Spark IM). I am afraid that the Swing library isn't beautiful enough for my exigent client (I might be wrong). He needs a whole ajaxed futurist UI.


That's why I am thinking about making a completly new messenger using JavaFX 2.0 and Smack API. I think that I will be able to do the Chat basic functions but I am afraid of the Audio calls and video conference parts. Somebody just told me that Smack API can handle this parts but I didn't find any documentation on about how to do it.


I have seen that some xmpp messenger use SIP and audio/video codecs in C language (jitsi) but I am afraid that I have not enough expertise for doing that. There are also the audio input and webcam detection that I feel hard to do ...


I will be very greatful to any advice and opinion.


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