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Spark File Transfer error

Question asked by mailkev14 on Aug 27, 2011
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We are configuring an Openfire 3.0.7 - cum - Spark 2.6.0 (Server / Client) for our company

We had previously configured it very well & it was working also fine, however the openfire and spark client server systems went down


So this time we are setting up the whole Client / Server system again. It was set up successfully with one loop hole

FTP does not seem to be running well

It gives an error saying that "An error occured during file transfer"


We tried many ways to rectify the error; like :-


- Installed a Virtual Machine and then created another Spark client there. File Transfer on the same machine is not giving an error. But when it is on the network, then an error occurs in the file transfer


- Reconfigured our firewall and unblocked port number 7777, no solution


- Created a simple P2P connection between 2 machines, still there was an error



Can anyone let me know the reason for this issue and how could it be rectified