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Question asked by singular.droid on Jul 28, 2011
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I'm not a complete newbie for Openfire/Spark, as near a year ago or so i did installation of both OF/SW for my business project  and now i have near 50 users using this platform day by day and actually this messaging system now a business-critical thing for them.

For this installation I did some customization for the sparkWeb which was available a year ago and enabled there a multichat and offline messaging and file transfer via webservice, also i did special customization around groups and contact lists as i had a specific requirement that only administrator can manage everyone's contact lists.


However even with all these customizations i'm still facing some problems which i want to describe here and ask if they already solved in newer versions of SparkWeb

- i18n support - in current installation i see that not all browsers support exchange of messages with non-ascii characters. i don't know how this could be but for instance clients in IE and Chrome cant even change their language from english to russian and type in some messages. Users of firefox can type messages and send, but if contact is offline, then instead of readable message once it will go online it will recieve broken string like &&&&&???? instead of proper message.

-file exchange - webservice is reliable but i want to switch to exchange without server, where only final and end points are aware of data being transferred

- video/audio chat - i need video/audio chat for one-2-one and also one-2-many chats


Now my questions

1. does current version of SparkWeb support out-of-box customizations which I made (ok, i know that it will not support what i need with contacts management, but can it now support properly multi-chats and rest?)

2. does it really support i18n and l18n completely - even for offline messages ( i think this not a spark but adobe flesh technology problem but not sure maybe there were some great achievements for this in last 12 months)

3. does sparkweb support audio/video chats now

4. peer-to-peer file transfer


Also, now, would you recommend using SparkWeb or there is better client for Openfire (web-based only, no client installation) which can support these functionality better?


appreciate your answers.