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Authentification on redfire root Document

Question asked by galban on Jul 9, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2011 by Dele Olajide

First let me thank for the great work on the redfire plugin.


After playing arround with the plugin most things works very fine, but I am a little annoyed about the ability to add a "conference" from everywhere.

So if you call http://redfire.server.xx:7070/redfire the example pages shows up and every one can play with 2Way audion/video and so on. In a Intranet Environment I think this will not an big issue. But if the server is part of the Internet...


To my questions:

Is it possible to use the auth cookie (or what ever) from the openfire server? And how could I do this?


I am not very familiar with the tomcat, but is it possible to use plain HTTP Auth? Could someone post a best practice for this?
Will there a compatibilty problem if this is enabled? ( I think so because of Spark Plugin)


I hope someone can help me about this - Thank you!