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Problems with Spark client and IM Asterisk plugin

Question asked by milos.kovacki on Jun 29, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by Yunier

I have Trixbox and Openfire with integration with Asterisk, plugin works fine I have blue icon on General Settings at Asterisk-IM plugin and I have setup Phone mappings by the book. Problem is at first I had call option in spark client but when I clicked on call option nothing happend no errors not anything. Then when I restarted openfire and trixbox I dont even have call option in my spark client.


Does anyone know what can I do to debug why is this happening or did anyone had simmilar issues?






Ok I've managed to make a call between clients however when I clikc on user I dont have call option but I have phone dialer in the top of the client so I can actually call some extension, and extension rings but when I accept call nothing happens?!


Tnx for reply