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Redfire plugin for Spark ver 0.0.9

Question asked by Dele Olajide Champion on Jun 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2011 by Dele Olajide

Ignite realtime communiity is happy to release the Redfire Spark plugin version 0.9




  • Fixed: The screen sharing image does not scale down.  When you resize the window smaller, the image should re-scale.
  • Fixed: When the connection ends, the remote window should close
  • Changed: Screen share default frame-rate is set at 15fps
  • Changed: When a video or screen share request is recieved, the user's request buttons are disabled until pending request is accepted or rejected.



How to send a request to share video/audio or screen in chat or group chat


Start a normal chat or group chat

Share audio/video in chat or group chat (12 people max) by clicking on the red5 icon

Share all or part or your desktop screen in a chat or chat room by clicking on the picture icon next to the red5 icon



The other user(s) will receive a request to join audio/video or screenshare



Use the accept or decline buttons to accept or reject request. The red5 video and screen share buttons will be disabled until a choice is made.



How to upgrade your existing Redfire plugin for Spark,
  1. You should be using Redfire plugin for Openfire version and above
  2. Quit Spark,
  3. Delete the redfire-plugin folder and redfire-plugin.jar file in your USER_HOME\Spark\plugins
  4. Download the new redfire-plugin.jar file from your Redfire home page
  5. Copy new redfire-plugin.jar to SPARK_HOME\plugins
  6. Restart Spark


Where can I download the plugin


Look for the file redfire-plugin.jar attached to this post.