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Redfire Release

Question asked by Dele Olajide Champion on Jun 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2011 by pureboy

Ignite realtime communiity is happy to release Redfire version 0.5 with Spark plugin version 0.8


  • Fixed: Home page (index.html) page broken links due to last set of changes. Added missing publisher.swf tester appliccation
  • Fixed: Prompt for Redfire audio/video in Spark does get removed
  • Fixed: URL still shows when prompt is displayed in Spark
  • Fixed: Cursor position incorrect when x and y not zero in screenshare
  • Fixed: malformed URL error with "about:blank"
  • Changed: RTMP is now the default instead of RTMFP for 2way and conf audio/video. Edit redfire_2way.html ad redfire_video.html files to enable RTMFP. It is assumed you understand how RTMFP works and how to enable P2P on your network.
  • Changed: Maximium frame rate improved in screenshare and now exposed as a new parameter. Default is 30, but in practice, you would need a very fast PC and lots of bandwidth to share a full 1400x1050 in 30fps.
  • Changed: Video quality improved at expense of bandwidth. Edit redfire_2way.html ad redfire_video.html files to configure as required.  It is assumed you understand how Flash video works and the implications of changing quality, bandwidth and frame rate parameters.


How to use Redfire plugin for Spark


You can share audio/video in a chat or chat room (12 people max) by clicking on the red5 icon



You can share all or part or your desktop screen in a chat or chat room by clicking on the picture icon next to the red5 icon



How to upgrade your existing Redfire plugin for Spark,
  1. Quit Spark,
  2. Delete the redfire-plugin folder and redfire-plugin.jar file in your USER_HOME\Spark\plugins
  3. Download the new redfire-plugin.jar file from your Redfire home page
  4. Copy new redfire-plugin.jar to SPARK_HOME\plugins
  5. Restart Spark


Where can I download the plugin

For Openfire 3.6.4 and below

For Openfire 3.7.0 and above