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Spark Main Window Size On Startup

Question asked by AjsAjs on Jun 4, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by wroot

When Spark is used on laptop with a small screen in combination with a docking station and larger screen in the office, depending on the shutdown condition there can be a Spark main window size problem when the laptop is subsequently used off the docking station and no external screen is attached.


The scenario is as follows:

The PC is on the docking station, the Spark main window is showing on the external screen at a relatively large size, bigger that the internal screen, then the PC is shutdown.

On PC start-up the Spark main window may be bigger, from top to bottom, than the laptop internal screen. As a result the Spark menu and window controls are off screen. Some Windows 7 users have problems in that they do not know how to get the Spark main window controls back in focus and visible on screen.


This is a work around for this problem on a Windows 7 PC:

When the main Spark window is larger than the display screen, open a chat window to a contact, this results in two open Spark windows, then left click on the task bar Spark group to show the two small selection Spark windows just above the task bar group, then right click the small selection main Spark window and select move, use the keyboard arrow keys to move the main Spark window to a point where the Spark menu and main form window controls are visible, finally use the mouse to complete the move. Easy if you know how but not for everyone and there may be an easier way do this same thing.


Apart from the description above, the main Spark window does not have the normal Windows move an size options when right click on the title bar.


Is it in the roadmap to, 1) add back move and resize control to the main window, 2) to automatically ensure that the Spark window opens onscreen resized to the maximum screen size if previously closed at some large size from an external screen ?