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Openfire, Spark and Asterisk Project

Question asked by mbit on May 17, 2011

This project you will be using all your skill set. It will include using openfire/spark, asterisk and a project called asterclick.


Your job will be to expand the functionality of openfire/spark with asterclick. Openfire/Spark currently has a asterisk plugin. This allows basic functionality for openfire to communicate with asterisk. Combining openfire/spark with asterclick your job will be to add the following functionality to the spark client.


Drag and drop phone calls within asterisk

See live phone calls within asterisk

Enable/disable call forwarding / configure followme

Park calls

Hangup calls

Record Calls

Manage conference rooms

Spy on extensions

Monitor Call queues / Add and remove agents


This project will include creating a new java plugin for openfire as well as creating a custom version of spark from the source provided.


Let me know if you are interested in developing this project on