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Discussion created by Dele Olajide Champion on May 17, 2011
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After some feedback and a bit more development, I am happy to release version for community beta testing. The changes were mostly to support the Redfire plugin for Spark which is planned to be included in the official Spark 2.6.1 release. You WILL NEED the latest Flash Player 10.3




So what is new for Redfire plugin for Spark?


  1. Native integration for Window OS users only. The audio/video and screenshare now appear in native Spark windows instead of the browser.
  2. Other suggestions discussed here and here
  3. New audio/video applications redfire_video.html and redfire_2way.html developed in Flex to replace the old Openlaszlo apps. A big thank you to Mike Grimwade who started work on this.
  4. Support for Flash Player echo cancellation. You do not need a headset anymore.
  5. Support for RTMFP (peer-to-peer). Audio/Video is sent between clients directly without using the Red5 server provided there is a route between clients otherwise an RTMP connection to Redfire is used.


To ensure there is a route, you need a way for the clients to discover each other. There are 3 methods:


  1. Make sure each client can access the public Adobe RTMFP server on the Internet at
  2. Use an internal private RTMFP server like Adobe FMS 4.x or the OpenRTMFP server Cumulus
  3. If IP Multicast is supported on your network and all your clients are on the same subnet (192.168.1.x for example)


The default is to use the public service. To change this, edit redfire_2way.html and redfire_video.html. Replace this line


var rtmfpUrl          = getPageParameter('rtmfpUrl', 'rtmfp://');


If you have your own RTMFP server like FMS 4.x, use "rtmfp://my_rtmfp_server/"

If you want to use pure IP multicast on your own private subnet, use "rtmfp:"

If you want to force RTMP always with no peer-to-peer, use "localhost"


Finally, to upgrade your existing Redfire plugin for Spark,


  1. Quit Spark,
  2. Delete the redfire-plugin folder and redfire-plugin.jar file in your USER_HOME\Spark\plugins
  3. Copy new redfire-plugin.jar to SPARK_HOME\plugins
  4. Restart Spark


Where can I download the plugin


For Openfire 3.6.4 and below

For Openfire 3.7.0 and above