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Spark Skin for 2.6.0: Focus Commercial Users

Question asked by Walter Ebeling Champion on Apr 27, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2011 by Biny

After lengthly discussions and reviewing the different opinions and options for skins I would like to move 2.6.0 into a release using a skin similar to Synthetica Blue Moon (we can not continue to use it due to license issues). The best choice in the moment is JTatoo Luna which will keep a 2.5.8 like appearance and will not cause discussions within an existing user base in a setup that has a large userbase (e.g. a company).


IMHO the Spark client should focus on larger deployments inside organisations/companies. Those groups tend to have a conservative look and feel and they have the need of keeping the user experience the same after an upgrade.


While I understand the need for a "personal" touch by using a skin, I would argue that this is a need of a minority of the users.