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Proposal: Spark Skin moves completely to Substance

Question asked by Walter Ebeling Champion on Apr 21, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2011 by gashmore

The current Spark trunk is offering Substance and several other skin. The Spark code "overwrites" several graphical elements with "home made" pictures.


We would propose to remove all pictures from the trunk an rely completely on the functionality of Substance, Nimbus and such. This will e.g. remove all light blue & faded areas in the Spark screen.


NOTE: The use of Synthetica is not permitted due to licencing restrictions. We would loose to use Spark in commercial environments.


2nd NOTE: Substance is not developed anymore, we have included JTattoo and JGoodies for experimental reasons. Test clients with removed images were unpleasant to look at for all LaF libraries used in Spark.


Rational: If we keep the static images, we can not provide a decent graphical appearance to the end users. E.g BusinessBlackSteel ist a dark skin but it will still use the light blue Jive images.


The overall question is: Do we want to offer skinning or not?


I have created a poll for that


Current Status of this proposal:

After reviewing several test clients,we had to conclude that we have to go for an optimized one skin approach, if we want to provide a nice look. Due to reasons of backward compatibility, the 2.6.0 client will release with an "optimzed" 2.5.8 look based on a JTattoo LaF plus hard coded images.