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Problems getting Asterisk to communicate with Openfire

Question asked by pblomgren on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on May 31, 2011 by pblomgren

I have installed Openfire 3.7.0 and Asterisk-IM  on a server and am trying to get it to connect to my trixbox 2.8 box. The openfire services work with no problems and Asterisk-IM has been installed properly and when I try to configure my server I put in my information and it says "Server Succesfully created"; However, when I look at the list of servers it says "no servers configured."

If I go to the log I have:


2011.04.19 18:31:00 Initializing Asterisk Manager connection

2011.04.19 18:32:29 Connecting to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:5038

2011.04.19 18:32:30 Connected via Asterisk Call Manager/1.1

2011.04.19 18:32:30 Successfully logged in

2011.04.19 18:32:32 Determined Asterisk version: Asterisk 1.0

2011.04.19 18:32:32 Adding new channel SIP/313-00003d2c

2011.04.19 18:32:32 Adding new queue AsteriskQueue[name='9999',max='0',serviceLevel='0',weight='0',entries='[]',syst emHashcode=10828104]

2011.04.19 18:32:32 Adding new queue AsteriskQueue[name='default',max='0',serviceLevel='0',weight='0',entries='[]',s ystemHashcode=22270043]

2011.04.19 18:32:32 Initializing done

2011.04.19 18:34:17 Removing channel SIP/313-00003d2c due to hangup (NORMAL)


We can see here that it says it is connected and it is recieving information from a phone (SIP/313); however I cannot access the "Phone Mappings" options because it says no server is configured when one is.

I do see a warning of:

2011.04.19 18:32:30 Unsupported protocol version 'Asterisk Call Manager/1.1'. Use at your own risk. Do I have a more advanced version of Asterisk Call Manager than what is supported by this program? Will there be an update for this version? and is there a current work around for this?