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Spark with Innosetup

Question asked by tomlobato on Apr 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by hmig


I`ve compiled spark succesfully, but now I`m getting a hard time to pack it into installer for windows.

I was able to pack with install4j and advanced installer, but just using the trial version of both, what is not a viable alternative to me.

When tried to pack with innosetup (spark.iss), I got a error popup:


Line 17:

Source file C:\..........\..\..\target\build\Spark.exe does not exist


I already found something about also to use launch4j, but have no idea about how to combine innosetup + launch4j.


Is there some guide, or can you put in few lines how to do it?



Thank you very much!