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Sparkweb check out & compile problem

Question asked by sparkettin on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on May 7, 2011 by Dele Olajide



I checked out Sparkweb by using tortoise svn from the link . I did exactly the same as described here . When I try to compile it gives me the error "unable to open \XIFF\bin\XIFF.swc" . When I look at the workspace, I see the project name as 'XIFF GUI' not 'XIFF' even the project  'XIFF GUI' looks for 'XIFF.swc' and give the same error. I can not compile project at all.  I made some search and found some source code at . I can check out and compile this code easily. I can also see the project XIFF and XIFF.swc here. Bu the compiled code from google code does not work with my openfie 3.7.0. I tried to use the  XIFF.swc from google code in the project I downloaded from official link by adding the buildpath. But there were a lot of errors. I guess It looks for another version of XIFF.swc. Why can I not see XIFF project and XIFF.swc when I make svn check out from  How can I get the latest source code of Sparkweb? please help me. Thanks.