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I am happy to release version for community beta testing


So what is new?


  1. The much requested redfire plugin for Spark supporting Redfire audio/video, screen sharing and remote desktop control
  2. Redfire now acts as an XMPP connection mamager for RTMP connections. I have included an RTMPConnection class for XIFF


For details about the Redfire plugin for Spark, read this first



Please note the following changes


  • There is a new button for screen share
  • Both the audio/video (AV) and the screenshare buttons now send an invite to all participants with their clickable custom URLs
  • The URL includes a security key generated for the user sending the invitation.



  • For AV invitations, the video.html and conf.html web pages in folder video is used. You can customise or modify as you like
  • For screen share, the screenviewer.html web page is used view the shared screen. To remotely control the shared desktop, double click in the viewer and watch the remote desktop mouse shadow the real mouse. All keyboard strokes and mouse moves/clicks are handled except for right mouse clicks.

  • The file has some additional parameters

#Red5 Settings





popup determines if the invitation URLs should auto open the web browser. Default is false. User must click on links to open web browser.


On my Windows PC, the location of the file is here




Redfire can now act as an intenal connection manager to XMPP session from Flash/Flex applications. I have included class for compatibility with XIFF. This will enable Redfire developers to use a single RTMP or secure RTMPE connection for XMPP messages and RTMP audio/video packets.



You login with"xmppConnect", myResponder, username, password, resource);
You recieve XMPP with:
public function xmppRecieve(rawXML:String):void
and send XMPP with"xmppSend", null, xmlData);


Where can I download the plugin


For Openfire 3.6.4 and below

For Openfire 3.7.0 and above


What is next?


RedSpark, the Redfire version of SparkWeb