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Redfire plugin for Spark

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Here is my first quick attempt at doing a Redfire plugin for Spark. It is very different from the old red5 plugin, but should work on all platforms. It does not popup a window as before, but tries to open the two-person or multi-person Redfire video web applications depending on if you are in a chat or conference room




This implies that you must have initiated a chat or conference normally and asked all participants to use their red5 button to open their audio/video windows in their browsers like this. I have used the BareBonesBrowserLaunch class which should work with most OS and browser types.


To install, exit Spark, copy the redfire-plugin.jar to your normal Spark plugins folder (USER_HOME\Spark\plugins) and restart Spark.


Please note that this varies with each OS platform. On my wiindows PC, it is C:\Documents and Settings\MY-USERID\Spark\plugins


If you want a bigger video screen for 4 partcipants only in conference room, then replace the 12-person videoConf.lzx.swf in the video folder with the one attached.


If you change your HTTP-BIND port in Openfire from 7070 or need to change the server name, then copy the file to USER_HOME\Spark



#Red5 Settings




Edit the video.html and videoConf.html files to change your webcam settings for optimal quality/bandwidth values.


var bw = getPageParameter('bw', '25600');

var pq = getPageParameter('pq', '0');

var fps = getPageParameter('fps', '15');

var msr = getPageParameter('msr', '8');


fo.addVariable("bandwidth", bw);

fo.addVariable("picQuality", pq);

fo.addVariable("framesPerSec", fps);

fo.addVariable("micSetRate", msr);

fo.addVariable("streamKey", key);


These values are very conservative. For example, microphone sample rate is 8k (telephone quality). Try 22 or 41, but watch out for network traffic especially with a conference room.


Finally, source is included in the redfire-plugin.jar file. Look for USER_HOME\Spark\plugins\redfire-plugin\classes\org\jivesoftware\spark\plugin\re d5


This have now been replaced with new version. See