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Mavenizing XIFF?

Question asked by mikeycmccarthy on Mar 6, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2011 by mikeycmccarthy

I've been talking to Mark about the idea of getting some tests running on xiff - it's really nice looking through Tinder and all the tests and it'd be nice if XIFF was the same. Hopefully it'd mean things like a move to E4X and introduction of things like pubsub would be easier with some tests behind it.


At work I've set up a few builds now with Maven and it's been on the whole great (not quite as simple in the AS3 world but getting closer). Also we'd get depedency management for free. Would anyone mind if I check in a pom that doesn't change the package structure at all?


Just looking at XIFF:


1 - it looks like it has no build system at all and is just published from inside someone's flash builder. Is this correct?

2 - the version of as3crypto that is checked into libs is not the 1.3 version that is on the google code site. It looks to be an older version that is no longer available for download. XIFF won't compile against 1.3. Does anyone know more about where this version came from?