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Two week planing to Spark 2.6.0 RC2

Question asked by Walter Ebeling Champion on Mar 4, 2011
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I would like to propose a two week schedule for driving the open 2.6.0 bugs down to zero for RC2.


There are four main issues open in 2.6.0:

1) Clean error log

This will possibly require a rework of the threading of the app during start.

2) Reconnectivity issues

There is a large change baking in our internal trunk that closes all opoen issues documented in Jira. We will also redesign the behaviour of Spark during reconnection

3) Open I18n files

This is Lithuanian and Polish.

4) Smack 3.2b2

This is controversial in the dev group. I would suggest to use the 3.2.0 beta to identify issues with it. Early results that this is really useful, as some Smack issues show up during testing and error log cleaning. The critical question: Would be go final with a Smack 3.2.b code. Obviously No. I hope to get Robin Collier to move Smack along Spark 2.6.0. But RC2 should have Smack.3.2 inside.


The timeline for this is highly agressive: Two full weeks of concentrated effort until March 20.


Everything that is out of reach on March 17th should be pushed to 2.6.1.


We would also propose a larger code formatting change in the Spark SVN. We would like to do that between the 7th and 10th of March.


What's the community opinion about that?