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Spark Testversion

Question asked by Wolf on Mar 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2011 by wroot

We have some code updates which need more testing than we can do alone,


especially the Roster reconnection contact list refresh feature


errorlogs are created in your  %userdir%/spark/logs/error"timestamp".log




Test Version includes 3.2.0beta Smack 



Known Issues:

  • Smack:

MediaSessionListener causes NoClassDefFoundError


  • Spark:


  • Plugins:

- FlashingPreferences causes Nullpointer (happens when Spark tries to FlashWindow beofre FlashingPreferences are loaded)

- RealTimeSpellChecking causes Nullpointer (apparently Spellchecker only loads on Button Click)

- Reversi (doesnt work at all, dont try, nobody likes reversi anyway )


Encountered Problems:


When all Plugins are enabled, contact list takes forever to load and occasionally produces Exceptions