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[BUG]Toaster Popup hiding accept/reject on Fastpath Request

Question asked by Ninjatek on Feb 25, 2011

Issue: When the responses on the chat request form are over a certain length the accept/reject chat buttons are hidden and appear as if behind the status tray. When in actuallity they are accesible via a scroll bar that is created but is not apparent to the end user.


Cause: The accept invitation window width/height is set statically from within the java class which generates it.

org.jivesoftware.fastpath.workspace.panes.UserInvitationPane Line: 263


Resolution: either setting a dynamic height on the toaster popup, or anchoring the accept/reject buttons to the bottom of the window and scrolling the rest of the content.


I only bring it up because I have had more then 10 users bring up this issue, I've told them the resolution to scroll down in the meantime but if a queue requests to have a very short offer timeout that can affect their metrics which makes both the agent and supervisor not to fond.


This affects both 2.5.8 and 2.6, I would just fix it myself by statically increasing the the heigth as a stop gap however the agents names being hidden in 2.6 is a deal breaker for my users until it's fixed.  And when I compile the fastpath plugin from any of the tags in the repository I still cannot get it to run in 2.5.8