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RTMFP implementation and release?

Question asked by AlexanderThimm on Feb 25, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2011 by Dele Olajide

Hello together,


as i have Red5 running okay i face several Problems with the program itself. Due to the fact the RTMP is used we create a Client -> Server -> Client Connection. But particulary this is my biggest Problem. If you use a slower WAN Link to the Server the Packages travel one time up to the Server and back to the other Client. So if i work on two distant locations i have a heavy delay, due to the double travel time and the checked Packages ( always that TCP stuff ).


Here my first Question:


Can the delay be fixed if i set up a Connection Manager on every location?


And my second:


When RTMFP will be implemented to Redfire. Is there already a planning when it will be running?



Keep up the good work!!!


Thx in advance