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Question asked by crystal_2 on Feb 13, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2011 by oiram

Following Plug-in are Given below :-


1) Nick Registeration Plug-in ... (Minimum 5 Letters/Digits , Maximum 25 Letters/Digits) (Space,Dot,Dash,UnderScore,Simple Nickname)


2) ids Colored Plug-in (Black,Blue,Green,Purple,Pink,Golden,Red) <= ids Must be in BOLD Letters


3) Invisible Monitor Room / Invisible Access Room Plug-in (Owner/Admin Can Go Invisible in any Room)


4) Main Page Chat Room , Admin Panel Plug-in (Room Owner,SuperAdmin,Admin ==> @) (They Can Dot/UnDot the
Users, Dot 3 Kinds (Text Dot,Mic Dot,Vedio Dot), They Can Also Bounce/UnBounce The User in Room, They Can Also Ban/UnBan The User in Room)


5) Server Ban/UnBan  User id or ip or Activate/Deactivate User id Plug-in (Owner Can Ban Any id Through Server Panel or Ban any user ip Thro