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Noobie help! red5 install

Question asked by pyroger101 on Feb 1, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by pyroger101

Hey Folks,


New to alot of this stuff. I have been going through this forum but have not spotted anything that helps yet.


So far I have set up openfire , have it running nicely and everything was going great. But I cant seem to get the red5 plugin to show up in openfires admin interface.


I have downloaded the .war file, uploaded it via the openfire admin plug in page. Nothing appears to happen, however when I check the files in explorer I can see that the war file has extracted.


On the instructions i tried the http binding link htttp:// but I am getting a page not found error (yes binding is enabled)


I have tried a few different varients . Any ideas... anyone


Thanks in advance,