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Mood/Activity information is not sent to some users

Question asked by plastikat on Jan 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2011 by plastikat

hi, all!


My environment:
Openfire 3.7.0 beta, LDAP users and groups (around 120 users), rosters are distributed via shared groups.


I have some strange mood/activity related problem with my OpenFire server. Everything was just fine at the moment of starting working with  the server, but couple of monthes later i accidentally noticed this strange behaviour.


The problem is that none of "new" users get mood/activity information of other users on their rosters from the server. In the same time if i set some mood/activity status on these users' clients - all "old" users get this information normally.


At the time i noticed the problem there were 5-6 users of this kind (all other users have been getting all info ok), but with the time this count constantly grows: while "the whole" quantity of users stays approximately the same, many users get renamed (at Active Directory) and these users are considered "new" when automatically imported by the OpenFire server.


It is not the client problem (Miranda IM) because if i open the xml-console i can see that the server simply doesn't send this information to these "new" users (and if i try to connect with some of the "old" user on the same client i get all mood/activity information normally).


All other information (like user statuses, vCards, avatars etc.) is sent by the server and read by the "new" users' clients normally. All users ("new" and "old") are automatically subscribed both ways to each other (because rosters are distibuted by the means of shared groups).


The problem is probably started after upgrading the server to some of pretty stable nightly builds, but i'm not sure about that beacuase downgrading the server to "pure" 3.7.0 beta (or even 3.6.4 release) while keeping the current database doesn't fix this issue.


Can anyone tell me what could be the cause of it or direct me to where and what i can try to dig out? If some additional information is required - I am ready to collect and post it.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.