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Redfire (The new Red5 Plugin for Openfire) released

Question asked by Dele Olajide Champion on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by shumm

I am relieved to release the first version ( of the new Red5 plugin for Openfire now called Redfire.  It is not a direct replacement for the old Red5 plugin, but some old stuff has been retained and much of the new stuff is still not ready.


So what is available?


  1. An RTMP server (Red5 ver 1.00 RC1) that can be used to deliver audio/video media along side XMPP messaging and signalling.
  2. A SIP-based soft phone that uses RTMP protocol developed in Flex (Red5phone) with Javascript API for web callme apps.
  3. A Java web start application that captures and publishes the desktop screen as an RTMP video stream (Red5Screen-Share).
  4. 2 person audio/video conversation web page
  5. 12 persoon audio/video conferencing web page


SparkWeb has been removed as it is being developed as a new plugin on its own with new versions for HTML5 and Flash. It will be using Redfire to provide all the audio and media streaming. I shall be blogging more about this later as soon as soon as I have something to show.


The old Spark plugin has been removed and a new one is being developed that will provide an RTMP transport for the Jingle softphone (see my XEP proposal as well as some of the old features listed above.


I have plugged the security loop hole in the audio/video conferencing web pages. You can supply an additional security key value in the URL that is only known to participants and not shown on the screen. (Thanks to Jake Higginbotham for highlighting this)


How to use

1. Stop Openfire

2. Unzip and copy the redfire.war file to the OPENFIRE_HOME/plugins directory

3. Restart Openfire

4. From a browser, go to http://your_openfire-server:7070/redfire


Source code will be uploaded to shortly.