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Getting to know the Spark Source Code

Question asked by mikemcmahon on Nov 13, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by mikemcmahon

Hey All,


Just been running spark from eclipse and getting myself acquainted with the project these last few days.  I wanted to know if there are any docs that kind of cover the structure/layout/design of the spark source? Any important to note classes which are commonly used? 


For example, I develop a large suite of services all wrapped around a service bus called RICE.  In rice there are some common classes which are used all over for tasks.  Like KIMServiceLocator for obtaining information about users and KEWServiceLocator for obtaining information about workflow documents/routing...etc 


This is just a brief example and probably not the greatest in the world but i'm hoping to get some good footing as I start to peruse the issue tracker and tackle some of the more outstanding issues!