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Creating a Smack 3.2 release

Question asked by rcollier Champion on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2010 by rcollier

I am wondering what it would take to push out a 3.2 beta in the near future.  There have been a few questions raised about the fact that there hasn't been a release in 2 years, and someone also mentioned that they want to use some of the newer (unreleased) code in the Apache Camel project, but can't since they don't have an actual release to reference.


There have been many changes already and I would like to create a beta release as soon as possible, from the code as is if that is feasible (after reviewing outstanding bugs of course).  Who can tell me how I can go about taking on that task?  I know Guus has already done so for OpenFire, so I would like to follow his lead and take on the same task for Smack.  Who do I need to talk to and what priviliges do I need to make that happen.