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cannto view sparkweb/index.html

Question asked by sparkettin on Nov 3, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2010 by Daniel Castellanos


I am planning to use openfire+sparkweb to provide secure chat capability to my company. I installed red5 server and redfire on a windows virtual pc. I also intalled sparkweb at my tomcat app server which is running on a windows pc. I made all neccessary configurations to use spark web with ssl via http-bind. I checked it from my pc... Everything was working great. But when I try it on any pc else than mine, I can see only a blank page. There is no error on the page. bu at the bottom it is written "waiting for https://mytomcatserver:8443/sparkweb/history.htm". There is no problem with my pc, which has the same properties and same domain policies with others. But I cannnot see login page from other computers. But when I use non secure login page "http://mytomcatserver:8080/sparkweb/index.html" it works on any computer. but the link "https://mytomcatserver:8443/sparkweb/index.html" comes with a blank page and "waiting for https://mytomcatserver:8443/sparkweb/history.htm"  warning. I tried to change iexplorer security settings to minimum on other computers but did not help. I can not find a way. please help me....