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Packet Filter plugin 2.0.2 not working with OpenFire 3.7.0 Beta

Question asked by JakeLD on Oct 12, 2010
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I just installed OpenFire 3.7.0 Beta because according to OF-368 the ldap query limitation to 1000 results was fixed. You can consult this post for more details.



So I installed the PacketFilter plugin version 2.0.2 and restarted OpenFire. Then I went to Server -> Server Settings -> Packet Filter Rules to set the filters I need. Well, it seems that the packet filter plugin is incompatible with version 3.7.0 because there is no button displayed at all. See the attached file.


So from there, I downloaded the latest nightly (October 12) and unfortunately got the same results. I read that some plugins were incompatible due to the new logging system implemented in 3.7.0. So I browsed the plugins files from the SVN webpage looking for an updated PacketFilter plugin and I noticed that you guys were indeed working on version 3.0. I was unable to find the plugin in a JAR or WAR format so I could manually upload it and give a try.


Is there any way I could download the 3.0 version in a JAR/WAR format?


I have tried on my own to create a JAR file with no success...


Thank for your hard work. I really appreciate your product.